What We’re About

Innovative Jordan is a nationwide campaign celebrating the achievements of Jordan’s innovators, entrepreneurs and creative youth. Launched in May 2017 by Oasis500 – the leading seed investment company and business accelerator anchored by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) – the campaign aims to strengthen Jordan’s standing as a regional hub for innovation and to build a generation that contributes to sustainable development through innovative, original ideas.

Shining a light on Jordanian innovations, breakthrough technologies and the rise of the knowledge economy, Innovative Jordan strives to keep the Jordanian public apprised of Jordanian success stories as well as the many entities that offer their support to budding entrepreneurs. By consolidating the nation’s innovation-enabling and entrepreneurship-promoting efforts on a single platform, Innovative Jordan serves as a national innovation aggregator, providing Jordanian youth with easily-accessible tools to originate new solutions to economic and social challenges. The campaign also aims to introduce Arab and foreign investors to the many advantages that Jordan’s innovation-enabling ecosystem has to offer.